Sunday, January 1, 2012

Book Themed Ball

Happy New Year! To ring it in today I am featuring this gorgeous AUTUMN BOOK THEMED BALL submitted by Amber Kairalla. I know you might ask- Autumn? But really, one look at this event and you will see how amazing it is- and how featuring it today is perfect. 
Here is what Amber said about the party- "I, along with a group of highschool friends, throw an Autumn Ball, every year. What started out as a small party with just a group of friends, soon turned into a yearly, full fledged, 200 person ball. The whole entire party though, is what's truly special! We do all of our own food, decorations, invitations, set up, clean up, etc. And it's a blast! We spend an entire week filled with DIY, envelope stuffing, hand delivering, music planning and so very much baking! This past year was book themed with everything from book styled invites to books for door stops and book styled cakes. We try our best to keep the music classy, the style vintage and the bar high."

Location: Kairalla home- Durango, Colorado
Invitations: Whitney Watts
Food: Jacob Brooks
Photographers: Brumley And Wells 


Nitzalie said...


Danielle @ Belleza e Luce said...

Simply Beautiful! Happy New Year!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

One of my favorite parties ever ... wow! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Ateliê Fazendo Arti said...

If there are words that describe the beauty and creativity would be "divine perfection"!


jen said...

Where did you get the book page paper? I NEED some! I just can't see tearing up books!

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