Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tea Party 3rd Birthday Brunch

Anyone up for some afternoon tea? I hope you enjoy taking a gander at this cute TEA PARTY 3RD BIRTHDAY BRUNCH submitted by Kelsey Phillips. Sunshine, green grass, bright colors, adorable children, fun treats, dainty tea sets, beautiful flowers & yummy desserts...what more could you ask for at a tea party?!

Everyone enjoyed a game of Tea Bingo-- where the winner had to stand up, hold a mustache to their face and shout out "Bingo" in order to claim their prize.


Art designs- Lisa Rupp and Caroline Farmer
Photography- Hawkins Photography
Bow ties, suspenders, and birthday skirt- Sew Simply Sweet


silentai. said...

oh gosh! too cute! *looking around for 3rd. bday party ideas for daughter!* (;

and im a sucker for fake mustaches!

Brian and Ashley said...

Holy smokes. What a precious idea!!!

Miriam said...

Cutest party ever!

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