Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Train Station Birthday Party

And next up...this amazing VINTAGE TRAIN STATION 3RD BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Belinda Ramanauskas of Styled By Belle. What a party. I am in awe. So many darling details. I had to stare at each picture just to soak it all in. Love the box cars holding all the treats and desserts. And the burlap everywhere couldn't be more perfect. I'm just lovin' burlap these days! This party is definitely a heart stopper. You'll want to scroll through all the lovely photos slowly.

Here is what Belinda said about the party- "For my son Aidan’s 3rd birthday party I wanted to create a train party, but keeping away from the commercial Thomas that he absolutely loves. I decided to create Aidan his very own train station called “Aidansville” and used the colour palette of sky blue and red.

I created a super long (4.5 metre) dessert table and covered it with hessian to give it a rustic feel. I spent many late nights painting and building props including – a custom train station backdrop that I drew and hand painted myself. The station was of course called “Aidansville”, the clock was pointing to “3 o’clock” (being Aidan’s age) and I had 2 windows representing “Tickets” and “Luggage”. I got my little man dressed up as a train driver and took photos of him before the party to stick in the windows (you might notice one is of him holding tickets for the ticket booth window and the second photo of him holding mini suitcases for the luggage window)

I built a wooden train track to line the front of the table and bought plastic tubs that I painted red & blue and put wheels on to create “train carriages” to hold the food platters. Aidan already had a cute vintage red ride-on wooden train that headed the table and “pulled” the carriages along the tracks!

The menu consisted of: caramel popcorn, chocolate bars in custom wrappers, train sugar cookies, cupcakes, jelly jars, oreo cookie pops, wild berry yogurt push pops, chocolate ripple cake and fruit skewers (of which I used a train shape cookie cutter to cut the watermelon pieces). I also had lolly jars filled with red & blue candy: jaffas, bon bons, jelly beans, raspberries, sour straps and clouds.

I had a wonderful train & carriage birthday cake made by my friend Kylie Bourban and she did an amazing job! The train and carriage were each a different flavour: chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, jaffa mud & banana mud. Yum!

To set the scene, I had a relative dress as the “Fat Controller” and he greeted guests as they arrived. I made train boom gates and had them positioned along a train track we stuck on the ground using black tape. I also made a “Railway Crossing” traffic sign and had a STOP sign along the tracks.

The kids received lots of little train paraphernalia to take home – train shaped crayons, train whistles, train driver hats and train drink bottles. I also had wooden train toys that the children were able to paint themselves and take home.

A really great party that was “choo-choo” fun!!

Vendor credits: 

Photography –
Lee Bird Photography 
Birthday cake – Kylie Bourban 
Train Collection Stationary Printables – Parties by Hardie


Nadi'Art{design} said...

C'est tellement beau que j'en crois pas mes yeux ♥ Vraiment trop trop magnifique ! J'adore les trains en plus et les couleurs sont belles, merci pour l'idée c'est très inspirant :)

Marco and Monique Laura said...

This party is OVER THE TOP amazing. Incredibly creative and polished. Definitely, high on the WOW factor. Superb job!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

so many things to love, but especially that chugga chugga on the drinks!

Photography by Sandra said...

Wow... Thats one amazing birthday.. Well done..

Darren @ Pension transfer said...

Party cannons were the choice at my sons party, oversized party poppers with gas cannister (be careful) the flutter fetti took hours to clean up but the kids loved it.

Casuse Family said...

So CUTE! Where did you find the clear glass bottles?

視訊聊天交友網 said...


Eve said...

Love the party details. :-)

How I wish, we have a lot of party item/kit resources in our country.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the plastic containers for the train. I love those!

j&kronnevik said...

I LOVE the wild berry yogurt push pops!!! Did you make them? Can I have the recipe... my boys would LOVE them!

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