Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tangled + Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

My next feature goes to this stunning TANGLED ENCHANTED GARDEN BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Sharon Pardon of Australia. What a beautiful party! I adore all the delicate touches. Sharon styled this party for her two daughters- Etna {who turned 7} & Lucia {who turned 4}. What lucky girls to have such a talented Mum! Sharon put her heart and soul into this party...making almost everything you see, including ALL the food, desserts & CAKES! Wow! So dreamy. I absolutely adore it all. Everything turned out gorgeous, Sharon. Thanks so much for submitting your party. Congratulations on being chosen as a feature!

Vendor Credits:

Drink dispencer, straws & swizzle sticks- The Little Big Company 
Bunting circles on candybars {free download!}- Chickabug
Plates & cupcake stands- Mon Tresor
Ribbon candy- Lou Lou Events
Photography- Samantha Pearce
Favor Boxes- Candy Soiree's

These darling party circles are a free download via Chickabug! Go here.


Anonymous said...

Love! WHere did your little white trays come from?

Carrie said...

Gorgeous! Is the doll a cake? I've never liked those doll cakes, but this one is fabulous!

Karla said...

Kara...this is so lovely! It is evident that you have an amazing talent.

Patita said...

So beautiful!!

Heather - Chickabug said...

Oh my gosh what a fabulous surprise!! I designed the little printable circles that are shown on the candy bars! : ) They're available for free through HowDoesShe.com, and for them to pop up in such a STUNNING party feature is just amazing!! : )

Our Family said...

Wow, Sharon (and Kara)!!!!!! Having a Tangled party for my 3 year old this Friday and it is nothing like this. (Of course, we are sharing it with a 6 year old boy cousin so it is not going to be as pretty.) Have gotten quite a few ideas for it from this site though. Hey, any ideas on how to make a bounce house and stinky, sweaty little ones pretty and delicate? =)
Great stuff as usual!!!!
I always enjoy.


A To Zebra Celebrations said...

wow!!! amaaaazing!!

Tink said...

this is so girlish.. cool

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the glass bottles?

Miranda said...

This is adorable!!! I love the movie Tangled!! If I ever have a girl I am SO using your idea! ha ha

Anonymous said...

hello, its me sharon from australia:) thankyou for all your wonderful comments:)I dont do dessert/lollies professional so it means alot.

Carrie - yes it is a dolly varden cake but i sculptered from two cakes, i think they were 7 inch round and ganached them and then cut/carved her skirt:) The doll was a present to my daughter, so it was nice to use her, i find wrapping the legs in plastic always a good idea;)

trays - i am assuming you mean the plates, they were from target, but you can source them from anywhere:)

Heather - so sorry i didnt mention you:( I had done little by little over a few months that i forgot where i had got most of the things, and to be honest i never thought of submitting the party, i was coaxed by my friends:)

jodi - uhmm lol no idea:) maybe turn the bounce house into a sort of castle:)

the bottles were plastic actually , even better because of breakage:) I got them from a promo ages ago..can use them again and again:)

thankyou again to everyone for your kind words:)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, so fantastic, congratulations on a great
feature! Well deserved! x


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