Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Outdoor Movie Party

And the next party feature goes to this darling OUTDOOR MOVIE BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Caryl Lyons of ROAR events group. Such a perfect theme for a tween party! Look at the vintage movie reel cake & fun cookies! I love the Coca Cola crates, as well!

Here is what Caryl said about the party- "We just celebrated my son Tucker's 11th birthday and we wanted to do something a little different.  He was past the age of legos and super heros so we needed to think of a theme that would be COOL to a tween.
We decided on an outdoor movie theme mixed in with afternoon pool time.  The kids arrived around 4pm and immediately jumped in the pool.  They worked up an appetite with pizza.  As the sun was setting, we started the movie and they all huddled together.
The dessert table was a concession stand that had all the movie time favorites from licorice to starbursts to skittles to popcorn.  And of course a party wouldn't be complete without a film reel cake.
The party printables were done by Adria of Anders Ruff and my mom.  I gave my mom the vision of what I was going for and she drew the main graphic.  Adria digitized it and incorporated it into the rest of the look and feel.  The cake was created by Michelle of Cakewalk Baking.  She did an amazing job.  We had popcorn, film reel and star cookies that were baked up by Allyson Jane Cookies.  We purchased a 1968 vintage film reel off craigs list.  That was a great find.  We found the popcorn buckets and french fry containers (that we used for some of the concession stand goodies) from Cost Plus.  We went to our favorite paper store, The Paper Source for the envelopes and stickers for the invitations.  The red fabric for the concession stand back drop was from Joann's."
Event Styling: ROAR events groupHey Caryl & Studio J
Party Printables: Anders Ruff & Caryl's mom
Cookies: Allyson Jane 


Romanian Princess said...

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XoXo Nicole Mariana

Shana said...

Great party! I love movie parties!

Jennifer Chaney said...

I LOOOOOVE this!!! It's seems so high-end, but totally do-able at the same time. Really great ideas here...

Kaci Uipi said...

Love the party idea! But I definitely would have turned that couch around... ouch to my neck!

Jessica Di Giacomo said...

what a meravilous idea!!

Modern Cupcake {Jill} said...

Way too cute!!! Love the details! Way to go, Caryl!!!

BellyPerez said...

While I do love the parties that you feature on here, I don't see the "big deal" in some of them. All that these posts contain are a bunch of pictures taken in different angles and aspects of the same small table which really doesn't translate to much. I would like to see more parties that feature pictures of the WHOLE party, not just 20 pictures of the candy buffet!

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