Friday, April 17, 2009

creative parties and showers

I just wanted to give a shout out to creative parties and showers! My car party was just featured on their site and I'm so happy about it :). If you're ever looking for awesome parties, or darling showers then here's the place you need to go! Thanks for featuring me Shannon!


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Hi Kara! Just discovered your blog. You have some cuuuuute parties! Cheers!

Krissa said...

I just came over from there...I LOVE your blog!!!! So super cute! thanks for sharing your amazing ideas....i am on my way over to check out your cupcake blog... :D

Katie said...

Hi! I saw your party on Creative Parties and Showers. It was so so cute!

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I totally was surfing tonight just jumping around sites when I found your blog. How funny. We are very similiar in that we love to host parties for family and friends. My husband and I began hosting monthly themed dinner parties inviting 8-12 couples from our church (ward) each month. Since July we've had around 150 friends in our home. Soon after starting these parties I decided to turn it into a blog. So I created Just last night we hosted a mexican fiesta with 17 friends. It was wonderful! Everyone asks if we'll keep doing this indefinately and many ask to be invited back soon. My husband and I LOVE doing this. I would love to spotlight your blog on my sight. What do you think? Just go to my blog and then email me at
I am really impressed with your blog. I can't wait to sit down and just go through all the older posts. It's interesting that we have a similiar format, especially listing parties by theme on the right side.
Hope to hear from you soon,

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