Monday, March 23, 2009

movie night party

i hosted a movie night for some of my friends and i. we had a great night laughing, eating, and watching a movie :). i cut cardboard popcorn containers for the invites (above)..they worked perfectly!

i found a lot of movie night/hollywood decor at a few party stores. i hung a doorway star hanger in back of the refreshment table instead of in a worked great. i also hung a plastic movie reel streamer from the ceiling.

i purchased a bunch of plastic popcorn containers that everyone filled with, of course, popcorn :). i found a cardboard centerpiece that worked perfectly as a popcorn bowl :).
i also made popcorn themed cupcakes. you know me, i LOVE cupcakes!
i had movie 'star' stickers that i put on every one's backs. each 'star' was a different actor. everyone had to guess who they were by asking yes or no questions. it was a lot of fun and was a great activity to get everyone talking and havin' fun :).

here's a closer look at the hollywood plates, ticket/hollywood napkins, and movie confetti (all found at the party store).

i made the cupcake liners/containers out of paper popcorn bags (i cut and folded them to size) & a popcorn logo that i cut from cardboard popcorn containers (which i attached to the front). the 'popcorn' is actually marshmallows cut with kitchen sheers (i made little x marks on each mallow) sprayed with yellow food coloring spray (you can get the spray at almost any grocery store now). they turned out so cute!

i also found a cute movie banner that i set out on the bar along with the drinks (i found some movie theater paper cups). i sprinkled some more confetti all over the counter and put a few ceramic popcorn bowls out to bring it all together :).

like i was a great night!

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Shelley said...

The Oscars are coming & I would love to host an Oscar night. Any ideas for Decor & Food?

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