Sunday, March 18, 2012

Airplane 2nd Birthday Party

This darling AIRPLANE THEMED 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Paula Marie of Vens’ Paperie. I love the propeller airplane pops made out of marshmallows and chocolate candy melts! Such a cute party...

Paula said-- "For the backdrop behind the dessert table I hung a large white canvas. I created an airplane trail with 1 inch cardstock circles cut with a 1-inch punch.

I made the marshmallow propeller pops with fondant and candy melts. I dipped the marshmallow in the candy melts and shaped the fondant to look like propellers.

Vendor Credits:

DIY printables and styling- Vens’ Paperie
Paper straws- Hey Yo Yo


Anonymous said...

LOVE the marshmallow pops made to look like a plane, so adorable!

Anonymous said...

This party can't be more adorable.. super cute..

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