Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Bird Baby Sprinkle

Tweet tweet. A little bird is here today to show you the cutest BABY BIRD BABY SPRINKLE submitted by Kate Petronis of  And Everything Sweet. This party would be a perfect TWEET Heart Valentine’s party, too!

Here is what Kate said about the party- "My sweet friend Katie is pregnant with her third child and due any minute now. Myself and four friends who love Katie to pieces put together this darling bird themed shower to celebrate the newest member of her family and "feather her nest". :)

Isn't this the cutest dang "E" you've ever seen? I hate to brag, but its not often that I see the letter E and say "awwwwwww", but after I made this I whispered a long one. ;) This was one of many DIY projects from this party. Easy peezy...just get yerself a paper mache letter from the craft store and wrap it in yarn...round and round and round until you're done. I embellished with felt birds and felt roses. I'm sure there is a tutorial online somewhere...I just kinda winged it, but I think it turned out pretty cute. (shower decorations/baby nursery decor afterwards...gotta love those two-fer deals!)

Another little DIY project, this wreath was so cute and fun to make and will make a great decoration for Emily's nursery room door. Big thank you to my Cricut machine for cutting out the the letters and thank you to all the wooden doll tutorials I found all over the internet for this one. :)

For drinks we served pink lemonade in mason jars and of course, bottled water. Are you loving the fabric labels? I used leftover fabric from the dessert table (which by the way was $1.50/yard at Walmart!!!...these labels practically paid ME to decorate the water). I just love how I justify all these little expenses...hehe

We set up a clip making station so that each guest could make a little hair clip for baby Emily. I created little instructions for each "step" to help guide everyone through the clip making process. I put out ribbon and clips and each guest covered their own clip w/their ribbon of choice. Then they chose an embellishment to make it pretty. There were buttons, bows, fabric flowers and more.

After food and bow making we sat down to play a quick game of memory (baby themed). This game was so much fun to play. I found the idea and instructions to make the game here. Erica and Ashly did a great job putting it all together for us.

The basic idea of the game is a matching game...when you get a match you get a candy prize based on the match you made. For example...when you find the match to "contractions" you get a box of Whoppers. Epidural match gets the candy Lifesavers. I think you get the idea. Head over here for more candy ideas if you want to recreate!!!

Each guest was sent home with a little treat for their birds at home. These little bird seed ornament favors were not only cute, but totally inexpensive AND useful!! Our poor birds outside need all the food they can get in these harsh winter months (wait, wasn't the high today in the 60s? Whatever...not everyone lives in Atlanta.). Go here for if you'd like to make some for yourself.”



Jo Andrade said...

bom dia, lindo, lindo

Verlockendes... said...

so sweeeeeeeeet


astrabox said...

wow it's really beautiful

Christina said...


Anonymous said...

Adorable! So TWEET!

Zoe said...

This party is so adorable

Miz Amz said...

What was step #2 for making the baby hair clips? I can't tell you how much I adore this idea!! I found you thru Pinterest. Great job on the party!!

Kate said...

Step 2 is attach ribbon to clip, starting on the inside, working all the way around. Step 4 is make sure it looks pretty and sign ur name to it!

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