Friday, November 11, 2011

Foofqueens GiftGloss! Wrap In Style!

Tired of unruly rolls of wrap?  Bored with bags? 
Something New & Different!
~ the original slide ‘n tie sleeve
GiftGloss® is a unique gift wrapping product, developed by the FoofQueens®, that allows you to create snazzy gifts in minutes. Whether you’re wrapping a birthday treat, shower surprise or plate of yummy cookies, GiftGloss instantly turns your gift into a show-stopping celebration! 
Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • It’s easy – any age, any skill level can do it
  • It’s economical – each roll wraps 15-20+ gifts
  • It’s conforms to any shape – no boxes needed
  • It’s food-safe – great for homemade or store-bought goodies
  • It’s versatile – creative ideas are infinite
  • It’s fits in drawer – easy to store & access
Get out of the box (or out of the bag) and step into
GiftGloss®… the new way to wrap in a snap!
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Just starting? We recommend our GiftGloss® Kit.
It’s the best value and contains everything you need to get going.

Again, exclusive for KPI readers: Discount code PARTY for 20% off the GiftGloss kit!
Visit us at

SO fun, right? Visit Foofqueens now & see what you can wrap up! Remember, promotional code PARTY will give you 20% off the fab giftgloss kit.


by Anna Adams said...

Love the ideas for gift wrapping !!!!

Kristin said...

This is really cool. It would make a great gift in itself! I was wondering - do you know where they got that silver scoop on the cocoa package?

rilojane said...

SO inexpensive!!! I agree with Kristin- this would be a great gift itself! Thanks for the link.

Cheryl said...

I also love the cocoa package and would LOVE to know where to get the scoop.

Sammie said...

Best combo of easy and cute ever!

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