Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party


And next up- a darling PUMPKIN PATCH 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY by Kami Buchanan of Kami Buchanan Custom Designs. Oh me, oh cute is this?! A perfect theme for a fall birthday. 

This beautiful little girl has had several health problems over her first year of life so the Mom and Dad wanted to have a party they could enjoy with their family and not have to worry about doing a lot of work. That is why they hired Kami, as well as a photographer. **Great update since the party, Reide has been weened off her feeding tube and is eating like a big girl and holding her weight! Prayers have been answered!
Custom invite & party hat- KB Custom Designs
Party designer- KB Custom Designs
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies made local by Stacey Crawford
Photography by Michelle Levesque




Alyssa Clark said...

I love this! My little girl has a Birthday in November and I would have so much fun planning this! I already have a theme for this year but I am putting this one on the back burner.

Jennifer said...

What beautiful pictures and such creative ideas. I love these, and I think that some could easily be used with older kids' fall parties. Thanks for sharing!

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