Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crab Boil Party

And the next feature goes to this fun CRAB BOIL PARTY submitted by Lindsey Marlor of
Pillow Thought. Such a great way to get a group of friends together. This looks so fun. Line a big table with newspaper, cook a lot of crab, melt some butter, add some seasoning and there you have it! 

Here is what Lindsey said about the party- "We had a crab boil with our friends this weekend and it tasted amazinggg! Plus, it was super fun to get everyone together! It all started because Edgar Hansen off of Deadliest Catch was at a grocery store near by selling crab & Ty had to "plan" a group date for a class.. so an "end of summer party" seemed like the perfect thing to have. Plus, the weather ended up being so nice this past weekend!  If you haven't ever done a crab boil... you should definitely put it on your list!! Everyone needs to indulge in this experience!"
Snow Crab
Corn on the cob


Luusmeitlifashion* said...

Ich liebe Königskrabben leider kann man die hier nirgends kaufen
Sieht klasse aus

Viele Grüße martina

Rebecca @This Nest is Best said...

Love the crab boil! We had one this summer while on vacation, but I didn't get nearly the number of fantastic photos!

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