Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'UP' Inspired Birthday Party

This clever UP INSPIRED BIRTHDAY PARTY by Jacki Fanto of Blissfully Sweet Cakes will make your heart soar. Just take a look at that CAKE for starters! Simply AMAZING. Jacki did such a good job at putting this party together. I love the rainbow jello pops, the balloons in the treat cups and the hanging crepe paper rainbow backdrop.

Here are the party details from Jacki-
“For as long as I can remember, my middle son Ben, has had a complete love affair with balloons! He really does want for nothing else and asks for nothing else! He has the kindest and most innocent soul - it makes me sooo proud. He discovered the movie "Up" at the beginning of the year and needless to say we watch the movie EVERY day! Not so bad, I love it too!
I knew I would have a balloon party for Ben, no other choice really, but once Up came around, I knew it had to themed that way also! I also wanted to have a crack at making that house! (more on that later)
I also wanted to make the dessert table colourful and decided to incporate the rainbow colours. I decided to hang strands upon strands of crepe paper to look like it was a suspended rainbow. I loved how that turned out. All the treats I wanted to make rainbow and balloon orientated.
The Up House- 
The scale of this house is HUGE! I knew again that I would not and could not cut this cake, so decided to carve and shape from styro! Easy ... not! I felt like an architect, looking at all the different angles of the house as well as the structure. I would hazard a guess that this display cake took about 30+ hours to make! To see the look on Ben's face and every day since then, worth every single second!
Ice cream cone cupcakes-
Wanted to try something different and these definitely were. Took a while for the kids to work out what they were - the surprise was in the inside!
Sweet Treats-
Rainbow sprinkled chocolate brownies, rainbow coloured macarons and vanilla whoopie pies filled with marshmallow icing.
7 layered rainbow jelly-
Love the effect and the kids hovered these down first. All with their personalized Ben spoons.  Wooden spoons and name stamps can be purchased from the Sweet Style online store.
The edible birthday cake and cookies-
It is no secret that I love vintage! I love the look of the rustic buttercream finish, so I made this 6 layered rainbow cake layered and covered in buttercream and simply dotted with balloons. YUMMO! Around the base were balloon bunch cookie pops for the kids as take home treats!  The beautiful Rosanna Inc cake stand can be purchased from the Sweet Style's online store here.
A last minute way to display the M&Ms. I decided to make them into hot air balloons. I just used these gorgeous wooden cups available from Sweet Style and filled them with M&Ms before adding in the balloons on sticks. Ben loved these!”
Invitations & printables by Blissfully Sweet
Photos & styling by Blissfully Sweet
All sweet treats & cakes by Blissfully Sweet
Rosanna Inc cake stand and wooden cutlery by Sweet Style



Anneliese said...

This is so adorable! I love the cakes and the crepe paper!

Cutie Putti Paperie said...

This is sooo cute! The house cake makes such an impact on that dessert table. This seems to be a popular theme lately, I have seen some other really amazing Up inspired parties. Would love to see what the invite looked like. Bet super cute party printables with balloons and rainbow colored text would be great fro this theme :-)

Aleksandra said...

I just love this!

Erin said...

LOVE this party! That cake is ah-mazing! This was such a cute movie, it makes such a good theme!

Anonymous said...

somany beautiful details... love it love it

Isabela Bonfim said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Love everything about it!! xoxo

Kellynha*.* said...

So cute said...

Beautiful rainbow colors! This party is amazing. You did a great job on the house (definitely worth 30+ hours)!

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