Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Party Tutorials- Fabric Wreath & Balloon Wreath

Welcome to all of you visiting from Studio 5's segment today! Here are the tutorials I promised {wrapping paper favor bag tutorial coming later on this week}. Photography by Lyndsey Fagerlund.

Wreaths are a fun party decoration/accessory. They can be a great alternative to the traditional party banner {and can be given away to the guest of honor, birthday girl, mama to be, etc at the end of the party}!


This wreath is so simple, yet so cute! Match any party theme, baby shower, bridal shower or holiday party using coordinating fabric...

You will need:
1 styrofoam wreath
Approximately 70- 2 1/2"x 15" fabric strips

It really is quite simple. Take your fabric strips one by one and tie them around your styrofoam wreath using a double knot...

Do this all the way around the wreath {alternating between fabric patters if you would like}...

And, viola! 


Isn't this wreath adorable? {Sneak peek at my recent superhero party by the way.} 

You will need:

1 round styrofoam wreath
Approximately 160 regular sized balloons
160 straight pins

Step one: Take a balloon and insert a straight pin into the base of the "bulb"...

Step two: Insert the straight pin into the wreath, attaching the balloon...

Step three: Repeat steps one and two until the styrofoam wreath is covered {alternating between colors if you wish}...

And that's it! Match any party theme using coordinating colors! So fun.


Bettie said...

These are adorable! My daughter's birthday is the end of the month and the balloon wreath would be perfect! The fabric wreath will be perfect for September going into fall. Going to look for some pretty colored ribbon today! What a great idea to share. Thanks so much!

Joan said...

love these-thanks for sharing...i'll try to make some for my daughter's 'strawberry shortcake' bday next month!!!

HiLLjO™ said...

So fun! Doesn't look too hard, either!
The balloon one reminds me of a barrette my mom made me when i was 4. It was my favorite!

cailen ascher said...

how cute! that ribbon wreath is just adorable. and the balloon one is great for a kid's party - thanks for sharing

cute blog - i'm your newest follower.

p.s. i unveiled my new cookbook, vegetables & vodka, on my blog today - and it's FREE to download. hope you enjoy it!

Platinum Touch Events said...

I love them both! I think i'm going to give them a try...thanks so much for the tutorials.

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