Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pink Cowgirl Party!

My next winning party feature goes to this adorable PINK COWGIRL 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Pluff Mudd Studio! Isn't this party just darling? I fell in love with it when I first saw it.  I just love all the decor, the colors, the cookies {from Batches}, the countdown cake {from Holiday Snob}, the customized wreath {from For Petes Sake Pottery} and more! And look at the "Waterin' Hole". Everything is just perfect. Thanks for your submission, Christina! You did a wonderful job. What a beautiful little girl.

All printables for this party are available to purchase here. Photography by Town & Country.

Cupcakes made by Ashley Bakery.

Kandy Kones ordered from Superchick Studios.

Cake made by Cakes For Fun.

Birthday countdown cake from Holiday Snob.

Recipe for the "Cowgirl Cookies" from Bakerella.


Jessica Di Giacomo said...

thius baby is so much lucky to have that party! colorful but elegant, cowgirl but the cows by fabric and all details like this!

Lisa Stone said...

I'm so excited for you! We have worked together from the beginning and I know how exciting this feature is for you (and I!). Your party looks wonderful and all of your ideas came together so beautifully =) Thanks for including our cookies!

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