Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Dessert Table On A Budget! Grocery Store Finds!

My next winning party feature goes to this

Grocery Store Dessert Table On A Budget

Only $40 was spent to create this. Yes, $40!!

'A' said..."I chose to venture into a DIY project that would satisfy my belly. I wanted to create a table on an affordable budget. Everyone should have the following in their house: a few square plates,a couple rectangular ones, some pretty vases and a a cake stand or two. This way, you’ll always be able to throw together a “Grocery store Dessert Table” inspired party on any given day of the week!"


"Always use white plates (or glass) for the easiest design. You can add some paper to the bottom of the plates to give some color and align with your theme. Since I was going budget friendly with this one, I did a Google image search for a pattern, found one I liked and literally copy/pasted it onto my computer (using keynotes/powerpoint). I made a list of what I wanted to offer as treats and set out to buy them."



Grocery list:
  1. 1 bag of large marshmallows
  2. 2 bags of heart shaped chocolates (on sale!)
  3. 2 boxes of sugared doughnuts (on sale!)
  4. 2 boxes of Oreo Cakesters (my immitation whoopie pies)
  5. popsicle sticks
  6. some mini yogurt pretzels (aka yotzels!)
  7. Mini marshmallows
  8. 6 dollar store jars (favors)
  9. Pink Mints
  10. Mini cupcake mix with frosting and cherries (FYI: my boyfriend made the cupcakes)
  11. Mini Merengues
  12. Heart shaped Cookies
  13. Some Sparkling Water
Total Cost: $40.00

"I made little labels myself and printed them straight up on regular paper. The mission was to style my table with what I had around the house. I searched for card stock (to glue my flimsy labels to) + of course didn’t have any and so… desperate times call for desperate measures. I cut up a couple old valentine’s day cards from my boyfriend (sorry jam), and used those to make sturdy tent cards. Once I had my desserts, the plates, the cake stands, drinks and my favors, I placed everything down on a table and played around until it looked right to me. There are no rules so have fun and EAT UP!"



So gorgeous!
Great job, Bride Scouts!
Congratulations on being the winning feature today!


HiLLjO said...

Anthropologie-licious, ladies. Great feature pick Kara!!!

Casey Martinez said...

This was a bequtiful and simple display. Right up my alley so I loved it!! Great job being so frugal!

Hannah S said...

What a beautifully simple party! I wouldn't call it ghetto as that is all that some "commoners" can pull off! Where did you find the frames and letter? I love the detail. Thanks for sharing!

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Sooo clever and pretty! Just goes to show what good planning, creativity, and a great style sense can pull off -- even on a budget! Having basic decorative items all in white is a great tip. :-)

B's Mommy said...

Very Chic! Love the ideas & details!

Lori said...

So pretty, so gorgeous. But wow. Excessive and totally unnecessary use of the word "ghetto." If you mean you've done this on a budget, just say that. Makes this entry less appealing.

Misty said...

I love your blog and all the fabulous parties and tips, but have to agree with Lori that the use of "ghetto" was a bit excessive and that "budget friendly" (as I like to do my parties) sounds so much better. Definately took away from the usual upbeat fun party lingo that is usually used. It is a beautiful setup though! And ideas on a budget are always great!!

Wonderful Day Weddings said...

I agree that this party is beautiful, however, I have to say that I do not think it was accomplished on a $40 budget. How many of you have vintage, shabby chic buffets, frames and chairs just hanging around? I know that I don't. Although this party is clever with the grocery budget, selling it as a $40 party is a big stretch. I also did not appreciate the word "ghetto" and would have much preferred "cost effective."

The photography is very pretty, but it doesn't say much about the party. Where are the other details, like the cake, the kids, the fun? This, to me, is a very "styled" party but did it actually take place? Great inspiration, lacking on reality.

Bride Scouts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bride Scouts said...

Hi everyone!

I wrote/designed the blog post and wanted to thank you all for your comments.

To clarify the use of "ghetto",we did not mean to offend anybody, but rather used it as a funny little word to describe the tiny budget we had (for the desserts, drinks and signs).Our writing style is simple and fun. That's what we do everyday, just have fun.

As for the budget. The frames and desk ARE owned by us and actually in the studio where we work out of. This IS a styled shoot and was created to offer inspiration to our readers.

FYI: For anyone looking to purchase similar shabby chic frames, you can find them (as we do) at garage sales for as little as 10$ a pop. A quick white spray paint and voila.

Again, we thank you all for your wonderful comments and we hope you are inspired to create your own beautiful table that doesn't cost a small fortune.

A xo

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Wow that is so gorgeous! Thanks for all the tips. I love the dressing table so much I want just the same one for my daughter! Excellent ideas. I am now following your blog as I found you via Pure Joy Events xx

LaKiesha said...

I fell a little behind on your daily featured party and came across this one just today! Beautiful pick, Kara! Love their ideas and I'm inspired! But...

I do need to add that I cringed at the first "ghetto" mention, and I barely made it through the rest of the post as the others came up. I crumple every time I hear the word expressed in regular day-to-day vernacular, and to see it in writing, even worse. There are other casual, funny ways to describe "budget friendly" or "cost effective."


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