Saturday, February 12, 2011

Princess And The Frog Baking Party!

This weekends winning party feature goes to this

Princess And The Frog Baking Party

This party package will soon be available for purchase in Beth's etsy shop here!

In Beth's words..." my daughter asked for a

princess and the frog party
and she loves baking...
so i decided to combine them.
since tiana loves to cook,
it really fit.
the colors were lilac and green apple.
i wanted to incorporate a lot of
cupcake wrappers & bakers twine.

i also used a silhouette of tiana
throughout the party."

Wonderful job, Beth! Thanks for your submission!
Congratulations on being the winning party feature!

Don't can purchase this Princess And The Frog Party package {printable downloads} here!


For a tutorial on how to make the cupcake pom pom's go here!
For a tutorial on how to make the flower pom go here!




For a tutorial on how to make the invite go here!

For a tutorial on the cute apron pocket go here!..



The girls got to create their own cookie cute!






Almalu's Place said...

so cute and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea and the create-your-own cookie mix station. The hanging pom poms and circle garland hanging from the ceiling are gorgeous. Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING.. all the details are amazing

HiLLjO said...

LOVE me some cupcake liners for decorations!!!

The colors are great, the cake is wonderful. All the little details are soooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

So SO cute! Do you mind telling us where you got the Tiana hair clips (I'm assuming that's what they are) in the last picture? Thanks! SUCH a cool princess party-without being "commercial" at all!

Kim M. said...

What a sweet party! What did you use for the base of the "5" cupcake liner wreath. LOVE it!

Ashley said...

I would LOVE to know how you made the cupcake wreath. I would like to make one for my son's first birthday! Thanks!

kara's party ideas said...

Here's a tutorial:

Hope it helps!

Scarlett Tracy said...

What did you glue the cup cake liners to on the 'A' wreath? Thanks!

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