Thursday, September 9, 2010

Firetruck Birthday Party!

My next winning party feature goes to this

Firetruck Birthday Party

submitted by Crazy for Design.

What a cute party! Check out that cake and dessert table!

Michele said-
"Being this theme is done A LOT, I tried to create a little uniqueness with ours. My husband designed the firetruck for the graphic pieces I created (and selling in my etsy store.) I had a lot of fun creating this party and my son loved it. I printed/assembled/set up everything, and made the cake and all the desserts as well (umm, ok, not the fireballs or m&ms...) (wish the pics were better) We also had dinner which consisted of the typical hot dogs and 5-alarm chili with Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Plus some watermelon. Everyone got to take home a Fire Hydrant cup along with some other goodies."

You did a great job, Michele! Thanks for submitting your party!
Congratulations on being chosen as the winning party feature of the day!










Rach said...

So creative but yet simple. Like it!

Jessica Hembree said...

I love it! Those 'matchstick' pretzels are adorable!!!

M.O.T.B said...

Great ideas! I am certain we will have one of these at some point in our future!

Affection for Detail said...

I love all of the extra details. The pretzel "matches" are soooo cute!!!

Ashley said...

I am decorating freak! I love your blog!! I was laughing because I was trying to find people that already have their Halloween decor up because I just did mine today! I feel crazy! HA! =)

Sandi said...

the match/pretzels are sooooo cute!

julie (etsy stalkers) said...

this party is so cute!!!! great ideas - and now scary fireman uniform to scare the children.

Jackie said...

Wow, what an amazing idea! What talent!

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