Monday, August 30, 2010

Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday Party!

Today's winning feature goes to this super creative

Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday Party

submitted by Pedicures and Puddles!

What a fun and creative party theme!

Tiffany said that her son loves nothing more than climbing on everything and sliding on his slides so she was searching for a party theme that would fit his current personality. Chutes and Ladders is near and dear to her heart as a favorite game growing up and a fabulous theme to portray her little guy! Plus, she said that she hasen't seen it done before and loves a challenge.

Great job, Tiffany! Thanks for your submission. Congratulations on being the winning feature today!

{Cake made by Cakes by Auntie M}

Pen and Paper Flowers designed the invitations...Photobucket

Favors: Chutes and Ladders game per family and personalized bubbles...Photobucket






Lauren Borquez said...

Oh WOW love love this EXCELLENT job!!!
Lauren Borquez

Jada said...

Love the snack mix idea! I just did a candy buffet and got some (hopefully joking) dirty looks from the moms so that would be a fun, healthier option. I think I'll steal the idea for my little guy's construction party. They can "build" their own snack mix.

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

VERY cute. Totally love the idea to give the game as a favor!


brooke said...

CRAZY WONDERFUL!!! The colors make it so fun, and the theme is so original.

Becs said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Such a lot of detail. Well done!

Becs @ Stiletto Studio
Stiletto Studio NZ on Facebook

michelle said...

SUCH a cute party!!!

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