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Kara Allen
Admin/Owner/Party Designer- Kara's Party Ideas LLC

At a very young age, Kara started planning birthday parties for her family & friends. Always planning a party in her head, Kara started KPI in January of 2009, as a creative outlet & place to post all of her many events. After only a few months, Kara's followings & fans were soaring. Her creative mind, attention to detail & love for party styling became evident as her site grew quickly with clicks & viewers from across the globe. Kara has been featured on HGTV, numerous morning TV shows, many magazines & publications, The Rachael Ray Show & more. Kara is excited to announce her upcoming party idea show on the online network, My Craft Channel. The first episode will air near the end of April. Kara also recently signed a book deal with Cedar Fort Publishing. Her book, Kara's Party Ideas, is scheduled to hit national bookstore shelves this October.

Kara's Party Ideas dot com is a huge online resource for thousands of party ideas. Its purpose is to inspire those who are planning parties around the world. On nearly a daily basis, Kara showcases her favorites of the hundreds of party submissions she receives each month. In addition to featuring her own events, Kara shares these parties styled by others to increase the number of creative ideas available on KPI... plus, let's face it, some of the party submissions are just too amazing NOT to share! Kara's Party Ideas will also soon have its very own party supply shop, making KPI literally 'the place for all things party'!

Kara & her loving husband, Ben, along with their three little boys- Kaden {5}, Gavin {4} & Easton {1}, live in Utah.

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Amber Pugmire
Assistant- Kara's Party Ideas LLC

Amber joined Kara's team in 2011 after the workload, emails & hours required to keep Kara's Party Ideas running got to be too much for one person to handle alone. Amber's impeccable attention to detail, amazing organization skills & excellent computer knowledge won her the spot at Kara's side. Amber handles many emails, calls, submissions, questions & whatever else Kara puts in front of her...which yes, includes late night texts & phone calls asking for her help. What would Kara do without this amazing girl?! 

Amber & her husband, Scott, along with their 4 darling children- Hadleigh {10}, Landon {6}, Jackson {4} & Mason {9 mos}, live in Utah. 

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