Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation Class of 2011 Party!

I am so excited about today's winning party feature!

...It goes to this

Graduation Class of 2011 Party

How FUN! This party is just awesome. I adore everything! How brilliant is the "Bright Future" theme. {I have had my eye on those light bulb containers at Hobby Lobby for so long. What a perfect party for them!}

It's not too late to plan a GREAT graduation party....you can purchase this whole printable party pack for ONLY $12.50 from Frog Prince Paperie and be SET!

Photography by John McLaughlin.

Number lollipops were purchased from etsy shop, Vintage Confections.



Cookies made by Dandy Delights.

Push pops with mini cupcakes inside! You can buy the push pops here.








Paper rosettes purchased from etsy shop, Pom Flair.
LEARN HOW to make the circle garland HERE!

You can PURCHASE this party pack here for only $12.50!!!


Lil Mama Stuart said...

love dot garlands :) and the light bulbs and pirouette diplomas - clever!

Angela said...

Super cute!! LOVE the light bulbs!! Fun idea. Where do you find the push up pop holders with the little hats?? I need some of those! :)

Crescendo Event Design said...

This is super cute. I really like the light bulbs.

Lisa Groves said...

YES!!! I have been waiting for Skip to send me the perfect Grad party decor!! I have rackin my brain out trying to find unique grad decor since my daughter does not want to use school colors. She loves the vintage look!! And teal is one of her favorites!! Thank you!!! Will be getting the pack asap!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to know where to get those push ups with the graduation hats (what's in them?) Also, where do I get the circle hanging garland and the cookie cutters?

kara's party ideas said...

I updated the post...there are now links to the circle garland and push pops, etc!

J. At Your Service said...

I love this! It's modern and chic!

Elle The Heiress said...

I especially like the candy in lightbulbs. Supercute.

GreenKangaru said...

My oldest just graduated on Saturday and we had a dessert buffet. We used the school colors of purple and white. My triplets graduate next year and have said they do NOT want school colors. I was just thinking about the "Future's So Bright..." idea. Beautiful!

Breaking Chris said...

That looks absolutely awesome!

1st birthday party ideas

Sara {the homespun hostess} said...

I love this party! I have had my eye on those lollipops from Vintage Confections for quite some time...they look terrific on that cake!

Mary said...

How did you do the lightbulbs? They are so cool!

silentai. said...

ahh! this party is so awesome! the colors, the decorations, everything...!!


Celebrating Moments by Marcie said...

EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Love the graduation caps on the push pops! so many great creative ideas. FANTASTIC!!!

kim said...

Great party!! I am looking for inspiration and ideas for our 20th High School reunion. Have you ever done a feature on a class reunion?


Savannah said...

Any information on the light bulbs? I LOVE the idea and I'd like to get them before my sister's graduation party next week. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Like some of the others have said, I love the light bulbs and would really like to know where they can be purchased.

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