Thursday, August 26, 2010

SpongeBob Birthday Party

My next winning feature goes to this

SpongeBob Birthday Party

submitted by Corn & Company!

Any child who is a SpongeBob lover would die to have a party like this!

I love the cookies and fish net backdrop.
Look at all the cute food labels, too.

Great Job, Corinne!

Thanks for your submission! Congratulations on being the winning feature today!









Rach said...

Sometimes sponge bob can be a little cheesy. I like how this party kept is so classy!

Carin said...

How adorable! Those cookies are almost to cute to eat! What a fabulous balance of whimsy and style. I love it, and I know my daughter would too!

Jennifer (aka Romeo and Mae said...

Omg, my son is a spongebob nut! He would love this!

Amy @ Blowout Party! said...

Personally, this character scares me a little, but this party looks fun!

KennQ said...

my son also loves sponge bob. nice children's party!i like it too for my son's 3rd birthday this coming Sept. 1. thanks!

Unknown said...

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Kims Kandy Kreations said...

Was so suprised to open this party and see my Sponge Bob cans in action. I LOVE to see what she did with them and how classy the whole party turned out.

How amazing!

Sarah B. said...

I love it!

Heather@Peach Pizzazz said...

Well done! Love all the pineapples!

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