Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Haunted Halloween Party!

My next winning party feature goes to this absolutely adorable HAUNTED HALLOWEEN PARTY submitted by Anders Ruff! Maureen and Adria never cease to amaze me. Is this not the cutest halloween party?! I LOVE all the vintage stuff! The old painted typewriter with "critter cookies" is my favorite!

Party Detail from Maureen & Adria- "For this year’s Haunted Halloween party, we wanted to show a spookier side to Anders Ruff!  We used a mix of antiques (books, cameras, medicine bottles, paper documents from the early 1900s, an old clock & typewriter, shutters and window panes) to give that haunted house feel.  Since we didn’t want to scare our little gobblins away, festive treats such as hanging bat cookies, pumpkin & owl cookies, mummy-mallows (mummy-head marshmallows), boo-meringues (meringue ghosts), white chocolate drizzled caramel apples, chocolate skeleton keys were displayed.  These treats gave a kid-friendly feel to the setup while still showing unique ideas for desserts.

A side bar was perfect to display our bat-juice (apple cider) and other small treats.
We used hues of burnt orange, olive greens and natural creams & browns.  
Our printable graphics included modern polka-dots, skeleton stripes, vintage bead-board stripes, and classic tweed patterns.  We used some Harry Potter inspirations for witch spells and potions.  We also included real haunted house photography for our main banner."

Anders Ruff is offering this complete Printable Haunted Halloween Design Collection in their shop for only $12!

Dessert Table Details- {Again, told by Anders Ruff}
"The backdrop was an olive green silk that had embroidered tree branch looking detail and it was the perfect fabric to give a haunted forest look.  We tea-stained cheesecloth (DIY) to drape over the table for depth and interest.  The old columns were the perfect side decor to anchor the table because they reminded us of the columns of an old haunted house.
Bat sugar cookies (From Firefly Confections) were hung from the ceiling as if they were swooping through the air. Our focal point of the main dessert table was an antique typewriter where we displayed pumpkin and owl cookies, plus witch’s spells from our printable collection. Old medicine bottles wrapped in our graphic designs were used to display the Mummy-mallows and Boo-meringues (DIY made by Maureen of Anders Ruff). We made inverted book displays out of old beat up books and used varying sizes to add height and dimension.  A vintage ammo box was used to hold caramel apples and an antique door knob was set up to hold the chocolate skeleton keys.  We made the chocolate skeleton keys from key molds and also our printable key template that is included in the printable collection. We also made the caramel apples and drizzled white chocolate horizontally to carry through the same “look” as the wrapped mummy treats. We used accents of old-school cameras to accessorize the table and flowed well when it was mixed in with the haunted house photography/banner (in the printable package). We wanted to show a more eclectic way to serve cupcakes so Got What It Cakes layered the cupcakes in mason jars topped off with chocolate spider webs."

Other Accents, by Anders Ruff-
"We displayed a wooden box filled with candies that were packaged in cellophane bags and sealed shut with our printable bag toppers.  Mini-candybar wrappers embellished the tiny chocolates.
The kids loved passing this around - and what a great way to pass out your trick or treat candies!
We couldn’t do this shoot without a black cat!  (Thanks to our local humane society!) The kids dressed up as the classic witch and mummy.  The costumes were made by Morgan of “Made by Morgan”.  The kids enjoyed classic Halloween Party game of bobbing for apples. They also enjoyed having a popcorn fight and chasing the black cat around."

Side Bar Details, by Anders Ruff-
"We used old shutters and a window pane for our backdrop - a simple prop that gives a bold statement. More antique books, cameras and medicine bottles were displayed to hold our treats. We added some Spanish moss for another spooky element. Our drink tray was wrapped with old paper documents. This was so easy to do and gave one of our modern trays a new look.
The bat juice (cider) you see is in mini canning jars with an old fashioned candy stick straw. We created a square Trick or Treat banner to offset the scene. Popcorn cones (made out of our printable patterned papers and embellished with a printable party logo) were filled with fresh popcorn and strung along the table with mini-clothes pins, so the kids could easily take them off to eat.  We piped chocolate cobwebs (DIY) to add to the tops of some of the popcorn cones as well."


Event Styling, Graphic Design and Printables by Anders Ruff Custom Designs
Photography - Becca Bond Photography
Cupcakes - Got What It Cakes 
Boo Merengues, Skeleton Keys and Mummy Mallows - Homemade by Anders Ruff 
Costumes- Made by Morgan 
Label Material - 
Cello Bags - Nashville Wraps 
Skeleton Key Molds - Mold Shop 


nbjenni said...

That party looks fabulous - but those children are adorable!

Luzmaría Alam said...

This is my dream party XDDD. Wow love it, special the bats and candy part.

Alyssa Clark said...

That is adorable! (Both the kids AND the party) I love that the family pet is a black cat! He looked great on the tables. I bet they had so much fun planning this party. Looks like they had a blast.

Aneta Hayne said...

That is totally awesome ! And even black cat made his way to this party :).Fantastic job as usual :)

makana hansen said...

I can't believe this party! Wow! I am blown away. I love it has just the right amount of creepy and fun.

Anneliese said...

I can't believe I'm saying this about a Halloween party, but, "gorgeous!" Those children are adorable too!

Rebecca @This Nest is Best said...

This dessert table is to die for! What a fantastic photo shoot!

Congrats on a great new collection, Anders Ruff! said...

This is so cute! The kids are adorable and every detail was covered.

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